February Finance News

Ministry Financials - New Apportionment Software is Now Ready!

Thank you for your patience as we worked on converting from the EZRA apportionment software to Ministry Financials.  You will be able to see your monthly statements, make on-line payments for apportionments and other special giving, and download reports to share with others.  We set up the pastor and the pastor e-mail as the primary for each church.  We set up the treasurer and treasurer e-mails based on the information we have from your church conference reports.  You can also add other staff to get the monthly e-mail if you have a staff person or volunteer who normally makes the payments.

View instructions to get started.

Final 2019 Apportionment Statements and January 2020 Apportionment Statements

These were mailed February 13, along with a hard copy set of Ministry Financial instructions, to every pastor and treasurer.  Please review and let us know if you have any questions/concerns/changes.  We appreciate all your support of the Conference and the many ministries we support locally, statewide and internationally.

2019 Statistical Reporting

If you have not yet completed your reporting, please get it submitted.  Don Cramer, our statistician, can’t report on the results until all information is in.  As of 2/13/20, 64% of churches had submitted their reports, 8% were in progress and 28% had not yet started.

Staffing Changes in the Treasurer's Office

I am sorry to share the news that Armella Powell, our Accounting Clerk, will be leaving us at the end of February.  She has been a much appreciated member of our staff since July 2019- answering  the phone, paying bills, making deposits and helping many reset their EZRA account.  Her skills will be sorely missed and we wish her the best. 

We are currently evaluating our staffing in the Treasurer’s Office to be able to bring the Financial reporting up to date, provide accounting assistance to churches and staff, and provide accurate and reliable financial information as we progress through General Conference, Annual Conference, Jurisdictional Conference and our Special Session of Annual Conference on September 12.

Budget for 2021

Due to the many changes that will be proposed at General Conference and Jurisdictional Conference, we are delaying the preparation of the 2021 budget.  Program budgets will be due 6/30/20 for approval at the September 12, 2020 special meeting.

Would you like to help review the Finance and Administration Office web page?

I’m looking for a few people who could help review the content of our Finance page. Is this a talent you have and would like to volunteer? Your help would be greatly appreciated!  Please let me know if you would like to be a part of this.

The Finance page of the Conference website can be found at WisconsinUMC.org/Finance