Farewell and Thanks to Tanner Clark, Site Director at Lake Lucerne Camp

Tanner Clark’s last day as Site Director for Lake Lucerne Camp is December 15th. His year at Lake Lucerne has been filled to overflowing with adventure, new camps, returning campers, challenges, and fantastic relationships. On top of leading and guiding a fruitful summer camp program, his leadership and caring presence across this year includes writing and receiving a grant to add to the High Ropes Course, working with Jeff Niese on improving the camp forestry (from tree removal and tons of clean-up to planting a field of new trees, to once-again dealing with the downed trees, removal and clean-up following the heavy windstorm), and redeveloping relationships with campers and churches across our Conference.
There are a few ways you are welcome to acknowledge and thank Tanner for his year of ministry:

  1. Post a thank you note on a Kudoboard (which will be available for him to save and keep) at https://www.kudoboard.com/boards/kDv34dAE or email a message to him at (tclark@wisconsinumc.org).
  2. Join us for a Zoom call thank you conversation with Tanner and others on Tuesday, December 13 from 4:00-6:00 pm. Join Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 865 7020 5932 
    Passcode: 682729
  1. If you wish to donate toward a financial thank you gift for Tanner, go to https://wiumcamps.campbraingiving.com/ Click on “please select”, then click on “Tanner Clark Thank you Gift” to donate toward Lake Lucerne’s High Ropes or Bicycle camp programs in his honor.