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Conference News

The District Offices Have a New Home!

We have some very exciting news! We are happy to announce the new “District Center” for the Wisconsin Conference. It is located on the third floor, office suite #304 in the Conference Center. Heidi Careaga and Kristy Yang are looking forward to receiving the clergy and church leaders and to provide administrative support for churches.

For COVID reasons we are not able to host an open house, but we hope to do so in the future. We now have one phone number to the District Center that covers all districts. You may call the District Center at 608-837-0056 and Heidi or Kristy will be able to assist you.

Rainbow Covenant Offers Suggestions for Missions Outreach

During this final quarter of 2021, Missions Outreach Committees can use the Rainbow Covenant to evaluate their success in reaching out locally and globally.  The Rainbow Covenant form is available by clicking here and also on the Conference website.   There you will find suggestions for ministries and agencies in the Wisconsin Conference, as well as national and international, including our Partnership with Bolivia and missionaries with ties to Wisconsin.

Print out a copy of The Rainbow Covenant and use it to map out your final quarter of giving, then complete the form and send it in by next March!  Become one of the Rainbow Covenant churches recognized at Annual Conference 2022.

The Anti-Racism Task Force: Cultural Competency Forum

The Anti-Racism Task Force is pleased to introduce the Cultural Competency Forum of the Wisconsin Conference. Participation in the Forum is free of charge to Wisconsin Conference clergy and laity.

Becoming a Culturally Competent Congregation presents an overview of the behaviors, attitudes, and skills necessary to build culturally competent congregations. This forum will be on Tuesday, October 26 from 10:00am to noon via 
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Lay Servant Ministry Courses On Zoom

Basic Lay Servant Ministry Courses will be offered via Zoom next month on November 5th, 6th, 12th and 13th. The three courses to be presented are Basic Lay Servant Course, Advanced Leading Worship Course and Advanced UM Heritage Course. To learn more and register, please click here.

North Central Jurisdiction Mission Council Calls for Prayer Support

The Mission Council of the North Central Jurisdiction is calling on all United Methodists in the jurisdiction to prayerfully support the November 10-11 virtual jurisdictional conference.

Beginning November 1 and each day until November 11 pause at 10:11 AM and pray the words of Psalm 22:21. Read prayer

Mission News

Global Ministries Appoints Trobby Kandala As
 A Global Missions Fellow

Global Ministries has appointed Trobby Kandala as a Global Mission Fellow in Sierra Leone doing Sustainable Agriculture. Trobby will be leading a new mission project to combat Climate Change and help feed the people of Sierra Leone. Read More

Evangelical Methodist Church in Bolivia Partnership

The Wisconsin Conference has had a partnership with the Methodist Church in Bolivia for several decades. Bolivia has been supported in many exciting ways and they have shared their fervor with us in return. David Harsh, retired clergy, has been involved going back to Bolivia in 1967 and 1969 when he gave leadership to a team of Wisconsin youth to work at the emerging site at Thiu Rancho, a site that later became their conference center in part under the leadership of missionaries Ardell and Gordy Graner.

Four decades later David had the opportunity to return to the site. While there, a circle of local Methodist women were meeting. They discovered that David had been there before and noted one of the projects he had done. . . an irrigation system that was dug for the camp. She told of how the men had watched our project, watched how it had worked, and soon they all emulated the irrigation system for their own fields. Sometimes it takes four decades to learn of the value of our volunteer projects! Read More

Other Resources


New Amplify Webinar- The Bible Year: How Studying the Bible Every Day Transforms You

As we approach the new year, many Christians will make a similar resolution – they want to read the Bible more. And every year, people struggle with keeping that resolution. If you, your small group, or your church’s goal is to read the whole Bible in a year, but it feels overwhelming, The Bible Year will help!

In this new webinar, meet some of the contributors behind this special project – including creator, Rev. Magrey deVega – as well as people who have already used it and enriched their lives by reading the Bible more.
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7 Tips for Involving Members In Worship

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The word "laity" is from the Greek word "laos," meaning "people of God." In honor of Laity Sunday this year, Darby Jones has seven tips for including church members in services.
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Wesley Theological Seminary- Design Fellowship Program Announced

WASHINGTON — Wesley Theological Seminary has launched Wesley Design Fellowship, a one-year, cohort-based experience that includes community formation, spiritual direction, graduate-level courses and hands-on experience leading innovation. Open to young people ages 23-29 interested in new ways of connecting young adults with the whole church, each fellow will earn an $8,000 stipend and four graduate academic course credits. The application deadline is Feb. 1, 2022.
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Explore United Methodist Photo Resources

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (UM News) — UM News has thousands of images from around the world of The United Methodist Church in action. These images are free to use with an identifying credit for United Methodist organizations. Check out the Flickr page.
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