WI Conference Weekly ENews - April 12, 2023

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Conference News


Election of Additional Reserve Delegates to the Postponed 2020 General/Jurisdictional Conferences

In 2019, the Wisconsin Annual Conference elected delegates to the 2020 General and Jurisdictional Conferences of The United Methodist Church. Due to COVID-19, in 2020 the General and Jurisdictional Conferences have been postponed, first until 2021, then 2022, and now to 2024.

Since the election of delegates in 2019, there have been seven vacancies in the Wisconsin Conference delegation – 5 laity and 2 clergy.  At this time we are planning to elect additional Reserve Delegates during the 2023 Annual Conference Session. That may change. We are still waiting on instructions from the General Conference Secretary.

The delegates at General Conference speak for the entire United Methodist Church. The Jurisdictional Conference has responsibility for electing and assigning our Bishops, who will lead the Church into the future. Reserve delegates would serve, in the order of election, if one of the elected delegates is unable to fulfil that role during the General and/or Jurisdictional Conference session.

The Wisconsin Conference looks for our delegation to provide a witness to the entire denomination that we are devoted to holy listening, collaborative leadership and comprehensive representation. The delegation hopes to be seen as innovators, visionaries and leaders committed to reclaiming all that is great about The United Methodist Church.

Additional information about the Responsibilities, Expectations, Eligibility for Election, and Practical Requirements for serving as a delegate and/or reserve delegate can be found on the Conference Website at Conference Secretary - Wisconsin Conference of the UMC.

If you are ready, willing and able to make the required commitments and would like to be considered as a candidate for election as a Reserve Delegate, please complete the Online Reserve Delegate Candidate Form, found on the Conference Website using the link above. The deadline for submitting Reserve Delegate Candidate Forms is Monday, May 8, 2023.

If you have questions about the responsibilities or the nomination/election process, please contact Kevin Rice Myers, Conference Secretary, at 608-837-7328, ext 2250 (Office), 608-478-4490 (Office-Direct Line) or ConfSec@wisconsinumc.org.

A Prayer For The Exodus Experience Trip to Egypt

Rev. Forrest Wells and his group have left for the Exodus Experience trip to Egypt. Please join us in keeping them in our prayers.

Dear Lord, we ask that You bless those traveling to Egypt a safe trip and cover them with Your protection. Shine Your face on them Lord, so that no harm come upon them and shower them with Your grace as they go. We pray that they would experience Your presence and Your peace during this trip and that no trouble or mishap would come upon them. Keep them in good health and give them wisdom and alert mind throughout their journey. In Christ’s name, Amen. 

Harmony Choir's Next Rehearsal
April 17th, 11am, Crossroads UMC, Waunakee, WI

Our 2nd rehearsal will be at Crossroads UMC in Waunakee, 5901 Hogan Rd. Waunakee, WI 53597 on April 17th at 11:00am.

Upcoming Rehearsals:
- May 22nd (Monday) at 11:00 am at Columbus UMC
   - June 10th (Saturday) at 8:00 – 10:00 pm at KI Convention Center with the Pastors and Lay members who signed up to sing during the Ordination Service

A lunch follows the rehearsals. A group vocal lesson is open for whoever registers.

For questions or more information, contact Harmony Choir via:
The WAC Harmony Choir: wac.harmonychoir@gmail.com
Executive Director- Rev. David Kim (kdavidkim@naver.com 253-335-7480)
Music Director- Rev. Sangwook Park (hodiecond11@gmail.com 847-344-3667)


Wisconsin United Methodist Foundation Offers Saving Grace Financial Wellness Grant Program: Sign-up today to receive funds to launch this transformational ministry at your church!

Saving Grace is a six-part study based on Wesleyan values that helps people reach personal financial goals as well as address life concerns. The curriculum provides participants with the tools you need to address saving, earning, giving, spending and debt in a way that will help participants achieve a sustainable financial life.

What is the Saving Grace Grant Program?
The Saving Grace Grant Program is designed to offer training, financial incentives, and seed money for launching Saving Grace in your local church or community. The goal is to give potential Saving Grace small group leaders an overview of the class material and a forum to discuss best practices for advertising and leading Saving Grace small groups in their local church and community. The training will take place through three 75-minute Zoom meetings on April 26, May 3, and May 10 from noon - 1:15 p.m.

Financial incentives for all sessions and completing the grant program are up to $767.99 per church.

Register here
More information
Questions: email Rev. Jason Mahnke at jason@wumf.org

How To Submit Special Giving Checks To WI Annual Conference
WI Conference Finance Office

When submitting either personal or church checks to the finance office for special giving, please make sure all checks are written out to Wisconsin Annual Conference (or “WAC” for short works too).  If checks are for special giving, note in the memo line what fund it is to be applied to.  Any checks that are made out to anything else (for example UMCOR) can’t be deposited by the conference or tracked.  We have been forwarding them directly, but have run into issues with checks getting lost, not getting cashed, etc.  If we can’t deposit donations, we can’t track them or give churches the credit on the apportionment statements for special giving donations.  We also have a way of tracking personal donations given through the conference but don’t have that ability when we forward these checks. 
Since we have run into issues lately with checks not being accounted for outside of the conference, the finance office will start returning checks if they are not made out correctly to the conference, either to the church or to individual donors to have the check re-written. 
If you ever have any questions on special giving fund numbers, please call the finance office at 608-837-7320 or email ladler@wisconsinumc.org

Equitable Compensation Grant Cycle Application Deadline is April 14th- Complete Your Application Today!

We encourage churches planning to apply for an Equitable Compensation Grant to begin working on their Grant Application.  Equitable Compensation Grants are available for churches and charges served by a full-time pastor that are experiencing financial hardship. There will be two rounds of Equitable Compensation Grants this year, each totaling $20,000. Churches may apply for only one grant per year. The deadline for the first round of applications is April 14, 2023. The second round of applications will be due September 15, 2023. The maximum award to a church/charge for first time recipients is $4,000. 
Note – when you click on the link below to open the application, be sure to Download the File in order to make it a fillable document and to access the drop-down menus.
Open application

Northcott Neighborhood House Presents 52nd Juneteenth Events Calendar
Northcott Neighborhood House, Inc. 

Juneteenth is a national holiday for all Americans to celebrate. Tony Kearney shared, “at this moment in American history, we invite everyone from all walks of life to celebrate Juneteenth. Let’s utilize it as a teachable moment for all people.” So, we cordially invite everyone to partake in Juneteenth. Juneteenth is about overcoming slavery and celebrating freedom.

Juneteenth recognizes that, however awful the institution of slavery was, we as Black/African-Americans have triumphed and gave so many contributions to American history. We are the story; we are the critical part of history that needs to be told, shared and experience.
We invite businesses and companies to go on juneteenthmke.org and learn more of the history, and all of the activities that will go hand in hand with each other. Experience soul food, Jamaican food, taste some homegrown greens and cornbread, enjoy some sweet corn on the cob and dive into peach cobbler…just to name a few. 
View full events calendar

Save The Date! United Women in Faith North Central Jurisdictional Conference
May 30th - June 2nd, 2024

Please save the date for the United Women in Faith - North Central Jurisdictional Conference. 

Location: Sheraton Hotel, 31 West Ohio Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204
Dates: May 30th, 2024 through June 2nd, 2024
Theme & Scripture: "Get Together", John 13:34

More information soon!

Tech Crew Volunteers Needed At WI Annual Conference 2023

Our Annual Conference Tech Crew is still recruiting volunteers! No experience is necessary, we will teach you how to set up and use the equipment. As a team we will also have time to play games and do other fun thing to get to know each other. We are looking for committed and responsible volunteers to work for the Tech Crew/Stage Crew. Must be 12 years old or older, by June 1, 2022. In some cases, this time can be approved for community service hours towards graduation (check with school).  Download the application here. Applications must be submitted via email to Sue Snellenberger at Snellenbergersue@gmail.com by May 2, 2023.

We are also searching for a volunteer to drive a 26’ foot w/lift Penske Tech Truck from Sun Prairie, WI to the KI Convention Center in Green Bay, WI on Wednesday, June 7th, 2023 returning on Monday, June 12th morning or early afternoon. No CDL required. Must have a valid driver’s license; a background check is required through our office. Contact Angela Ullrich if interested at 608-837-7328.

2023 Ingathering Updates
New Items Needed & Updated Drop Off Sites List

The conference Mission Motivation Committee is working with Midwest Mission Distribution Center to collect items for Personal Dignity Kits and Home Care Kits. Midwest Mission distributes these items locally, nationally and internationally to those in need during times of crisis. All supplies are given free of charge regardless of gender, race or religion.  Although we are focusing on these two kits, we appreciate any items found at midwestmission.org.  All items should be NEW – and all kits should have only the items requested. View kit details

Urgent needs include the following:

  • Shampoo (in bulk), 12-19 oz. 
  • 100-150 oz. EMPTY liquid laundry detergent containers. We can use containers of any size up to 150 oz. (we are collecting full or empty liquid laundry detergent containers) 
  • Sewing machines, electric and treadles (they don't have to be new; we accept sewing machines that need a little tuning up; we cannot accept the computerized ones. 
  • Medical equipment -folding walkers, wheelchairs, crutches, canes, walking boots, slings 
  • Blankets- new or gently used for disaster response  
  • Non electric tools specifically shovels, brooms, rakes

Kits and items that make up those kits, should be brought to Annual Conference at the KICenter in Green Bay. The Midwest Mission truck will be there for collection on June 9th & 10th. To process donations efficiently and get them where needed quickly, we ask for a list of the items donated. You can help the person who delivers the items -and save everyone some time- by filling out the Donation Form ahead of time.  

Volunteers are needed to check in and load donations at Annual Conference in Green Bay anytime during our drop off hours: Friday, June 9th 10am-4pm and Saturday, June 10th 8am-2pm. Contact bonnieclement05@gmail.com to help.

2023 Ingathering Drop Sites List
2023 Ingathering Bulletin Insert
Ingathering Update 3-6-2023

Local Church Stories


United Methodist Children's Services Receives Kits From Midwest Mission Distribution Center

The UMCS Neighborhood Engagement Team hosted a series of school supply giveaways in August 2021. The NET hosted two school supply events – an in-house drive for UMCS tenants, and one public event where we collaborated with other community organizations. We were able to distribute 200 backpacks filled with donated school supplies.

Hygiene Kits
The UMCS Community Food Center is open twice a week, and individuals are able to stop in once each month to pick up food for their households. In addition to providing our clients with needed food, we also provide additional items such as baby and adult diapers, feminine hygiene products, and hygiene items. The hygiene kits provided by Midwest Mission were distributed through our Food Center and were able to provide a couple of months’ worth of hygiene kits to our community. -Submiteed by Tara Monnink

Live Last Supper and Drive-Thru Communion
Lake Mills United Methodist Church

The Children and Youth Ministry hosted a Live Last Supper with Drive-Thru Communion on Maundy Thursday, 2023. Volunteers ages 6 to 60 dressed in biblical costumes and sat at a decorated table on the church lawn to reenact the Last Supper. This was a great opportunity for our younger generations to learn and our older generations to reflect on the Last Supper, a very important meal between Jesus and his friends. In John 13:34-35, Jesus commanded his disciples to love each other just as he had loved them. We shared that same love with the community by inviting them to witness the Live Last supper from 5-6pm. 

Those who drove by received reflection questions and a personal meditation they could read while viewing the scene. After taking time to view and reflect on the Last Supper, they were greeted by Rev. Seongmin Kim as she passed out Holy Communion. It was a successful first year and a powerful reminder that everyone has a seat at God’s table. -Submitted by Danica Johnson

The Faith’s Sunrise Worship Continued
Westfield: Faith United Methodist Church

On April 9, Faith UMC in Westfield hosted a Sunrise Worship in Pine Lake to celebrate Easter Sunday this year. The service was a precious time to share the good news of Jesus' resurrection with a broader community. Although it was early in the morning (6:30 am), smiles spread across people's faces as they witnessed the resurrection of Jesus in their hearts. The Sunrise Service at Pine Lake is a treasured tradition that Faith UMC has been hosting for over 70 years. It was wonderful to see worshippers who came from not only Westfield but also its surrounding areas like Oxford and Adams – from a 6-month-old baby to people in their nineties.

An ecumenical choir, composed of people from different denominations, sang “Hallelujah, Jesus Is Risen” to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. For the worship, Pastor Hyunmin Lee delivered a message titled “Embrace Death” that put stress on the importance of accepting death in our daily lives in order to experience a new hope by appreciating each and every moment of life – she woke all of us up, pulling attention to that the resurrection of Jesus, which leads us to a new way of living with abundant vitality, begins when we are able to accept and embrace his death and our death. In addition, when it comes to Faith UMC’s Sunrise worship on Easter Sunday, it is Sticky Bun that concludes the joy that began from the resurrection of Jesus as an indispensable part of the worship experience. Elanie, a longtime member, has been baking Sticky Bun for Easter Sunday for a long time. Along with the beautiful and peaceful atmosphere of Pine Lake and a group of worshippers who are eager to witness the resurrection of Jesus reflected on the sunrise, Sticky Bun makes sure that the risen Jesus is sweet enough to take it. Many people are currently going through difficult and challenging times. Faith UMC hopes that in celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, we all experience a time of renewal bodily and emotionally and spiritually. -Submitted by Hyunmin Lee

Share Your Story!

We are called to share the good news in all the ways we can. Sharing your stories is way for us to be in community together. Every church has a story to tell and we want to hear about them and what is happening in the life of your church.  We want to hear from churches around our conference so if you have a story that you would like included in an upcoming ENews please use the link below and fill out the form.  We would love to have pictures to accompany the story! Submit story here

Share Your Event!

We're looking for events that celebrate local church communities across the state. Help us spread the word about your upcoming event by sharing it with us here!  Please be sure that your submission provides complete details. Subject to our editorial review, we will add your event to our Events Calendar and share it in the weekly Enews. Submit your event here 

Denominational News


Native American Ministries Sunday Is April 23rd
United Methodist General Commission on Race & Religion

United Methodists observe Native American Ministries Sunday specifically to support leadership development, ministries by and with, and education of Native Americans in our denomination. Here are seven suggestions for congregations, individuals, and families to honor and undergird Native/Indigenous people.
Read more 

Mission News


Disaster Relief Distributed: Tornados Leave Paths Of Destruction In The Midwest
Midwest Mission Distribution Center

The last week of March, deadly tornadoes ripped through most parts of the Midwestern United States, leaving paths of destruction, and tattered evidence of a life before the storms.
If you live in the Midwest, tornadoes are one of the things you know is a possibility, but never want to believe will upend your life. 

Many of us have lived through tornadoes, and have seen the effects of the dangerous winds, but pray it will not be something we have to know the effects of personally. But, that last week of March, many Midwesterners faced the grave reality of what that deadly twister of storms can do to a community. 

On March 24, more than 20 tornadoes swept through parts of Mississippi, including an EF-4 tornado, that has sadly taken the lives of at least 26 people. On March 31, more storms rolled into the Midwest, with tornadoes touching down in Iowa, Arkansas, Illinois, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Indiana. On April 4 and 5, another line of severe weather barreled in, affecting several of the areas that had previously been hit by the March 31 tornadoes.

So many people have lost homes, vehicles, and cherished items that carry sweet memories. Most heart breaking, they have lost loved ones. We mourn with those who are mourning, and lift up prayers of comfort, peace, and protection. Midwest Mission has the opportunity to assist in the relief process — YOU have the opportunity to partner with us in those efforts. 
Read more

Upcoming Events

April 15 - United Women in Faith - Social Action Day 
April 16 - Leading Public Prayer Lay Servant Class 
April 16 - Cudahy UMC- Lay Servant Social 
April 17 - Harmony Choir Rehearsal at Crossroads UMC 
April 22 - 2023 Transition Workshops - Virtual 
April 22 - Preaching- Advanced Lay Speaking Class 
April 22 - Basic Lay Ministry Class 
April 22 - Advanced Lay Speaking Class- Rhinelander UMC 
April 22 - Basic Lay Ministry class - Rhinelander UMC

Other Resources


Loan Forgiveness For Ministry Employees
The GCFA Collaborator

After facing exclusion from the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program for over a decade, employees of religious non-profits can now qualify for student loan forgiveness!

The requirements and application process are straightforward, making the program simpler than ever, and we’ve got everything you’ll need to get started.
Learn more

Clergy Discretionary Funds Webinar: What You Need to Know
The GCFA Collaborator

Churches and annual conferences often establish funds intended to give pastors and Bishops complete discretion and authority, usually to provide confidential financial help to those in need or fund programs that previously had not been budgeted. But discretionary funds can cause clergy to unknowingly run afoul of IRS regulations and can result in unintended tax consequences. Join GCFA’s General Counsel Bryan Mills as he explains what you need to know to protect your donors and your ministry on Tuesday, May 23 at 11 a.m. CDT via Zoom.
Register today

Connecting Through Tiktok
United Methodist Communications

TikTok is a social media platform that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is a great way to connect with friends and family, as well as to share your interests with the world. But did you know that TikTok can also be a great way to connect with your faith?

Let's explore how you can use TikTok to connect with your faith community. We will share tips on how to create engaging content, how to find other Christians on TikTok and how to use the platform to build relationships. So, whether you are a seasoned TikTok user or you are just getting started, we encourage you to read on and learn how to use this platform to connect with your faith.
Learn more



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