Christmas Eve At Whitewater Area Regional Ministry

Every year I lead the 4pm Christmas Eve worship service which is specifically geared for Children and Families and we always do something interactive for a sermon. This year, I decided to show pictures of the Nativity from Around the World; my goal was to help kids understand that people all over the world celebrate Jesus's birth on Christmas Eve, and we all imagine the story a little differently, based on our own culture.
As we read the Christmas Scriptures, we paused and looked at various images.  One of the pictures was from Korea and the kids were so interested in this nativity.  At the end, I asked if anyone had a favorite picture and the picture from Korea was a favorite for many of the kids because it features snow, wise men on horseback, women at the manger, and the manger outside vs. inside.

I loved being able to tell the kids "our Bishop is from Korea originally and our Conference has many churches we are connected to in Korea. Maybe this is how they picture the nativity."
Read more about the Christmas Eve Serviceby Rev. Beth Staniforth-Seamster, Provisional Deacon