An Exploration Of Fresh Expressions

Sept. 30- October 1, 2023, First Congregational Church (Plymouth, WI)

Are you excited to reach new people with fresh expressions of Church? How do you inspire your congregation to express their faith in new ways? ... to take risks and try new things? The Wisconsin Conference of Lay Servant Ministries is thrilled to be able to bring this in-person workshop to Wisconsin on Saturday, September 30, 2023 and Sunday afternoon on October 1, 2023 to help answer these questions. The workshop will be held at a First Congregational, a fully accessible church in Plymouth, WI (The Cheese Capital of the World). This workshop is being underwritten by the NE District – Circuit 12 Laity Committee to provide an affordable means for everyone to attend. In addition, this training has been approved by the Wisconsin Conference Board of Laity for Advanced Lay Servant credit and by the Board of Ordained Ministry for CEU credit for ordained clergy. Read more about Fresh Expressions For detailed and registration information, please click here.