A Post-Election Pastoral Prayer from Bishop Jung

As we await the results of our national elections, I want to invite us into prayer.

Our election processes turn us all into winners and losers, adversaries at the core. Some will rejoice by the outcomes while others despair. Some will see hope, others violence. Some will see fulfillment of the law of the land, others a deep violation of all we hold dear. But regardless of which side we find ourselves at the end of the election, we are still baptized brothers, sisters, and siblings, and we should use our God given gifts and Christian faith to work together for the greatest good for all of God’s people.

Pray with me, my friends, and pray for one another. Pray for our country and our world. Pray that our politics might serve us well, but when they fail, let us commit to do what is right and good in spite of them. Let us be Christian first, disciples of Jesus Christ committed to bringing light into darkness, hope into corners of despair, and love and grace to the ends of the earth. And remember, God is with us and God is in charge. Let us be kind to each other!  Join me in prayer:

God of all possibility and hope, help us to see beyond our divisions,

Let us seek to understand each other, even when we disagree,

Help us to look for the good in others, never to assume the worst.

Enable us to extend grace, and kindness, and gentleness when we disagree.

Empower us to work for justice and peace, mercy and healing.

Grant us courage and strength to do what is right and good and holy.

Inspire in us creativity and compassion, so that we might find common ground.

Forgive us when we lose our self-control and patience.

Redeem our selfish spirits and infuse them with forgiveness and patience.

Unite us in essential things.

Remind us to avoid harming others, intentionally or unintentionally.

In our day and time and place of political separation, bind us by our faith,

So that no matter the outcomes of our elections, we might come together to honor and glorify you,

In the name of Jesus we pray,