WI Conference ENews: Annual Conference Videos, Prayers for Myanmar, Summer Camps Return

Conference News

The Wisconsin Conference office
will be closed Friday, June 25th.

The Wisconsin United Methodist Foundation offices will remain open.


Annual Conference Videos and Materials

Thank you for your participation in the 2021 Annual Conference of the Wisconsin Conference of The United Methodist Church.  Videos and materials from the event can be found on our website at:  Conference Materials


Join Bishop Jung and Scott Carlson on a Pilgrimage to Turkey and Greece to study Paul and the early Church
It is such a gift to be able to travel to the ancient world and see the places and the customs of how our ancestors in the faith have lived.  This type of intentional travel helps to bring the world of the Bible alive.  In addition we have a chance to deepen our relationships with others who travel.  When we deepen our relationships with others and with our scriptures, it fosters a deepening relationship with God. 
Traveling with the Society for Biblical Studies and Rev. Peter Miano, helps us to learn more of the roots of our faith.  Peter is also intentional about helping us understand what is happening today, in the lands where we travel. 

Come, travel with us, and allow God to walk with you and transform and deepen your faith.  More Information

Summer Camp Returns to Pine Lake & Lake Lucerne

Despite all the challenges of the past year with the pandemic and closures, summer camp has returned to Pine Lake and Lake Lucerne with great success!  Nick Coenen reports that all of the planning and procedures have paid off and they finished a successful first week of camp.  Here is a highlight video from week one: 

Week 1 Summer Camp

For more information about camp please visit their website at:  https://wiumcamps.org/

Thank You to our 2021 Annual Conference Sponsors
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Prayer for Myanmar

During Annual Conference a video was shown in support of and prayer for Myanmar.  Bishop Hee-Soo Jung and the cabinet showed solidarity by participating in the Three-Finger-Salute.  All present at Annual Conference were asked to do the same and submit their pictures.  If you would like to participate, send pictures of you/your congregation with a three-finger salute - a symbol of protest against military coup and support of democracy efforts, to wisconsinprayformyanmar@gmail.com  

Prayer for Myanmar


Elkhorn First UMC Supports the Mama Lynn Center in the East Congo

Elkhorn First UMC has been supporting the Mama Lynn Center for girls and women in the East Congo and they have shared a video celebrating the purchase of sewing machines for the center.  Watch Video

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 The United Methodist Rural Advocates are offering (10) Emerging /Impactful Ministry Awards to United Methodist  rural and town and country churches that are responding to specific needs in their communities. Applications must be filled out by a leader of the program and signed by the pastor and district superintendent and can be completed and returned electronically by October 15, 2021 or postmarked by the same date. Recipients of the awards will be notified by December 1, 2021. Read More