Finance News! - May/June 2021

MAY/JUNE 2021 Finance Newsletter

Summer is here and many people are returning to their churches and their workplaces, as well as their vacation spots.  But the work of the church continues.  I hope the financial info below is of use to your and your church. Please feel free to
e-mail or anyone in our Finance department for specific questions.  Here is a link to our home page.
Finance & Administration - Wisconsin Conference of the UMC (

Sarah Sneider
Conference Treasurer & Director of Administration
The 2022 proposed budget is included in the Annual Conference materials and can be found in the Finance section of the Conference web site, both in Summary and Detail.  You may also watch the video that highlights 2020 preliminary results and the proposed 2022 budget.

2022 Budget - Summary and Detail

We have received nearly $200,000 through our web site and distributed this back to the designated local churches during the past 15 months.  Now that churches are starting to meet again and have had time to set up their own systems, we will be turning off the Conference site.
What are your options:

  1. VANCO – this is the company that the Conference uses and is a partner with the General Conference, offering a discounted rate.  Here is information to contact customer service to see how they can help you set this up in your church and on your website.

Special rates from Vanco plus no monthly fees through August!
There are many new and enhanced features such as a website template and guide, events set-up, mobile giving, a new storytelling giving page, text-to-give, and more.  For congregations that transition their accounts between March 15 and August 31, 2021, the special rate will be 1.00% + $0.45 per transaction for ACH fees(bank transfers), and 2.75% for all debit/credit transactions + $0.45 per transaction. There will be no monthly fee through August, and after September it will be $5. Request a demo here to get your individual account started or call 866.533.4766.
For more information on the partnership between the UMC and Vanco, please visit: Denomination Outreach UMC | Vanco (
Watch the VANCO webinar we held to see the new VANCO on-line.  

  1. Pricing & fees | Stripe – Stripe is another company that some Conferences/churches are using.
  2. Check with your accounting/Church software company to see if there is an online giving option available with your software.

The due date for the 2020 fund balance/audit reports is July 15, 2021. Please submit your reports via email to the district administrator Heidi at or Kristy at You will also have one last opportunity to submit your 2020 Fund Balance report during the 2021 Charge Conferences in the fall via the Charge Conference Forms Portal of your church. Thank you for all your work that goes into this report and submitting it promptly.
GCFA has updated the Local Church Audit Guidelines local-church-audit-guide-2020.pdf (  There is also an FAQ document. You can find this and many other helpful tools on our Finance page.  Click Here
Our Archivist, Lynn Lubkeman, is always happy to help advise the local church on records and historical material retention. Contact Lynn at or
Several churches have been asking for Record Retention guidelines. Here is the link to our Finance web page area for handling church finances.  The Records Management Guidelines is from the Archives & History Commission.  There is also a Summary. - look under "Record Keeping" for the guidelines. 
MINISTRY FINANCIAL – Apportionment AND Benefit Statements available

Ministry Financial is our on-line system where churches can view their apportionment statements and make payments for apportionments and special giving.  We have now added copies of the Benefit statements for on-line viewing.  Payments will continue to be made on the 10th, 20th or last day of the month through EFT for benefits and pension.
You may make any advance special donations or Special Sunday donations through Ministry Financials and the Conference will send these funds to the appropriate organization in the following month.  Click here for instructions to set up payments from your checking account.


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