WI Conference ENews: Lent Devotions, Board of Laity, Children's Lent Videos, Bishop's Task Force

Conference News


Council of Bishop's offer devotions during Lent

The Council of Bishops of The United Methodist Church will be offering a weekly devotion during the Lenten season which begins this week.  Each Wednesday during Lent and every day during Holy Week, a 15-minute recorded devotion, led by a bishop and leaders from their episcopal areas will be released.  Read More


Conference Board of Laity Online Outreach

The Wisconsin Conference Board of Laity has opened a new page in the WisconsinUMC.org website, giving an online source for regular updates through letters and videos addressing fellow church members. The first addition is a letter from the Board of Laity highlighting the vastly understated significance of laity in the church and the necessity of connection through the COVID-19 pandemic. READ MORE.


Statistical Reports Due February 28th

With less than one week to go before the February 28th deadline, the Conference's 2020 Statistical Reports still have a long way to go.  Among our local churches, 24% have completed their 2020 reports in the Ezra system, 23% are In Progress, and 53% have not begun.  If you need help beginning your report, please visit: https://www.wisconsinumc.org/statistical-reporting right away!

2nd Sunday in Lent with Pastor Carlos’ Children Message

This Lenten season, as most churches continue to stream video for Sunday worship, pastors of color in our conference provide you with a short video of Children’s Message every week. We tell our stories of what we learned about Jesus when we were a kid. This Sunday, Pastor Carlos Careaga shares the song his grandma loved to sing to him at night before bedtime. The video clip is available to download from this link.

This Thursday @ 3PM, Korea Peace Forum
U.S. Relations with North Korea,  What does our Christian faith tell us about it? Find your answer in the stories of Daniel Jasper and Jennie Joy.
Facilitated by Bishop Hee-Soo Jung, this free webinar with Q&A time will empower you to become better aware of the history of the division and to have tools for action that promotes peace.  Online registration is encouraged. Check out the Netflix film: Steel Rain, a 2017 South Korean action thriller film with an imaginary scenario of a nuclear war in the Korean Peninsula.

Bishop’s Task Force
The Bishop’s Task Force wants to celebrate progress the annual conference is making with an update from the February 15th meeting. The work related to the quadrennial focus of racial justice and radical inclusion is widening, particularly with the growing collaboration between the Connectional Table, the Anti-Racism Task Force, and the work of the Bishop’s Task Force.  Read More

Wisconsin United Methodist Foundation announces job opening

The Board of Directors of the Wisconsin United Methodist Foundation (WUMF) is accepting applications for the position of President and Chief Executive Officer. Eric (Rick) Churan has announced his retirement effective June 30, 2021. 

A detailed job description can be found at this link, and applications will be accepted until March 1, 2021.  Please forward your application, a letter of interest detailing your applicable experience, and resume to wumf@wumf.org, or mail to:

If you have additional questions, please call Rick Churan at (608) 837-9582.

Coordinator of Clergy Credentialing and Vocational Discernment
The Coordinator of Clergy Credentialing and Vocational Discernment works with the Board of Ordained Ministry and Leadership in the Wisconsin Conference to assist and facilitate the administration of processes, records, organizational and vocational discernment needs. This position is responsible for maintaining and administering communication systems utilized by the Board of Ordained Ministry and Leadership and for coordinating and maintaining consistent information and resources for all persons in discernment for clergy roles and those supporting them in the process.  Read More
Local Church News


Youth Led Valentine's Day Cookie Sale in honor of Black History Month

7th grade youth at Lodi United Methodist Church did feel the warmth of people's hearts more than the cold on Valentine's Day weekend this year. As a matter of fact, they made the hearts of adults inspired and kindled with their Valentine's Day Cookie Sale in honor of Black History Month. They realize their need to educate themselves and their friends how people are treated differently and unfairly because of their race, especially in the lives of African Americans. With proceeds from the cookie sale, they purchased 120 copies of the book, Just Mercy: adapted for young adults: A True Story of the Fight for Justice, for all the 7th grade peers at their Lodi Middle School. They hope that reading the book can help the youth understand and promote racial equity and ignite a desire to build a more just society for all. 

Exciting new technology has landed at Milw:Summerfield UMC

In roughly November a call came through  to Milw:Summerfield UMC. United Health Care had  located a new and exciting resource for the homeless and was looking for a location in Milwaukee who would accept it. The City Housing Specialist, Beth, without hesitation said SUMMERFIELD!
Mid February, "Robbie" (so dubbed after the robot of 1960's TV show Lost in Space fame) arrived at our doorstep. 
As some, but not all, are aware, the homeless and low income have access to free cell phones and service. The service is limited, but at least they do have access to critical 911 services if needed. The issue that rises is that, if one is living in a tent or an encampment, where is one to plug it in for charging? Welcome "Robbie."
"Robbie" is a 10 locker, solar charging station for just such a purpose. The owner of the phone opens the locker, plugs his/her phone into the appropriate connection, sets their own combination and in 20 minutes their phone is not only charged, but also sanitized. Even if they walk away for a time, the phone is secure and only they have the passcode. (After all, a $1000 iphone is worth at least $10 on the street) 
"Robbie" is the first of his kind in Milwaukee and, as COVID loosens it's grip and we begin to host more people, he'll be getting considerably more use. For now, he's getting to know our neighborhood folks and they're very excited about what he's got to offer. The biggest question has been "Won't someone steal him?" Answer: at 400 lbs and bolted to the concrete, that's highly doubtful.  
This new partnership with United Health Care has endless possibilities that both entities are anxiously beginning to explore. For now "Robbie," tomorrow, only God knows.

Other Resources


Amplify Live: Justice or Just Us?
A conversation with pastors Jevon Caldwell-Gross, Nicole Caldwell-Gross, and Rob Fuquay
Thursday, February 25, 2021 at 2:00pm CST
Justice or Just Us? explores what it means to be a faith community that’s committed to anti-racist and justice-seeking work. Pastors Jevon Caldwell-Gross, Nicole Caldwell-Gross, and Rob Fuquay – who all serve at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana – developed this four-week study based on their experiences in leading the church to confront racism.  For more information and registration, visit: https://amplifymedia.com/amplify-live/