Reflection by Nick Coenen

How interesting to return to this space, in a time when I need prayer, when we need prayer, and to find the cross slightly crooked. That as the water rose this past year, now froze, ice pressing hard against the base and supports, tipping the cross.

And yet You are here with us. You remain the constant today as You were a day, a week, a century prior.

How much heartache have You seen, Lord? Throughout time, You have seen it all. A pressure immeasurable, Your heartbreaking when our hearts break. Our tears mirroring Yours as well.

And yet, as it seems the cross is tipping, You remain steadfast and strong. When the healthcare workers are exhausted and overwhelmed around the globe, You are beside them. As leaders make unimaginable decisions to keep us safe, You are there at the table. And this morning, as kids around the country are now home for a long time without school and friends, You are there in their midst as well.

Remind us today that You are here, not allowing the cross to be tipped, but holding it up as a reminder of Your great love, grace and hope in difficult times. Let us hold fast to Your goodness when we feel overwhelmed, unable to sleep at night.

Thanks for letting us always come back to You in our time of need, running to meet us as soon as we take that first step towards You. May we walk with You today.


By Nick Coenen
Site Director, Pine Lake Camp