Daily Devotions and Prayers Through the Days of COVID-19

With all the turmoil whirling around us in response to the COVID-19 virus pandemic, many of us are caught up in anxiety and worry. Plus, in the church, we are working full time to make plans to care for others who are struggling, to change how we worship and offer connection virtually or through phone calls and emails, and we are caring for people we love in our own families and connections. We are inundated with emails and posts and calls and news giving us latest reports and ideas for ways to respond and mis-information and latest information about healthy protections. We wonder what will happen to our churches and finances. Many of us are overloaded and overwhelmed.

In the midst of all of this, there are people reaching out to make a difference, offering generous care to neighbors and community, posting positive life-giving reflections and being the best of who we can be as individuals and as communities of faith. Thank you for all you are doing. We are collecting your stories and ideas and posting them on our conference website. Send them in and also, let us know how we best can support you.

Each day through this time, we as your Wisconsin Cabinet, will be sending you an email with a brief devotion or prayer to provide you with a small bit of care. You each are held in and surrounded by our prayers in the spirit of Christ. Keep breathing. Keep safe. Know that we all rest in the grace and Spirit of God.