North Central Jurisdictional Conference Postponed

The below letter from North Central Jurisdiction Secretary Paul White was sent to all jurisdictional delegates and alternates to announce that the 2020 North Central Jurisdictional Conference is postponed. The Council of Bishops and the Commission on General Conference will determine new dates once the dates for General Conference are finalized. 

Dear NCJ Delegates and Alternates,

I trust you are all doing well and that you are safe and healthy.

After conversation with Bishop David Bard, President of the NCJ College of Bishops, I want to let you know that we received news that all US Jurisdictional Conferences for 2020 are postponed. 

Once the dates for the General Conference are finalized, the Council of Bishops will set the date for the Jurisdictional Conference. The plan is for the Commission on General Conference and the Council of Bishops to release a combined announcement of both dates in the very near future. 

There are many, many questions about what this means for the work of the Jurisdictions now through the next Jurisdictional Conference (most likely to be in 2021).  While there are lots of questions the answers are unknown. The UMC has never been in this situation before.  Rest assured the NCJ College of Bishops, Episcopacy Committee, and Mission Council will be working to find answers to the many questions.  As soon as there are specific answers to the myriad of questions, I will share them with you.

I know that even beyond Jurisdictional and General Conference concerns and questions, we are living in the midst of hurting, scared and worried communities. God will take care of the General and Jurisdictional Conference in God's time.  Much more important than spending time wondering about future meetings, let us join together continuing to pray for the hurting people in our families, in our churches and communities and in God's world.  Let us also pray for a solution soon that will help alleviate the future threat of Covid-19.

Holy Week Blessings,

Rev. Paul R. White, Secretary
NCJ Conference