Bishop Jung and Cabinet to Offer a Pre-Recorded Worship Service to Use – Supporting Clergy by Encouraging a Sabbath Sunday

My brothers and sisters in Christ, I know how hard clergy and church leaders are working and how challenging it is to be in pastoral leadership during this current health crisis. Clergy are under such great expectations and incredible stress every day, and they still have to maintain the regular services, pastoral care and projects of the local church and their congregations.  I want to assure you that their well-being and self-care is a high priority of the Cabinet and Conference leadership, as is the well-being of all our congregations. In response, we have created a recorded worship experience that we will offer to you which you may use (designed for May 17 or May 24, but can be used any time) to give clergy and church worship leaders a sabbatical Sunday – a time of Sabbath rest to offer a grace space in their busy schedules.  We offer this humbly, reverently, and with a deep desire to serve you and the beautiful people of the Wisconsin UMC.  We are still a connectional church, and this is just one way we hope to strengthen our connection through challenging times.  I want to celebrate with my people. I look forward to the day we will be together again, but for now we will offer this worship service.

The Cabinet will be sending the recorded worship service to all clergy this weekend (May 9 or 10) to be used as they wish as part of our support and care for you in ministry with your churches. Please encourage your clergy and church leadership to take a long weekend for their own sabbath as you use the worship provided by the Cabinet for the Sunday you choose.

Your brother-in-Christ, Bishop Hee-Soo Jung.