UMVIM-NCJ Webinar for Youth Mission Leaders

UMVIMNCJ is hosting a two-hour webinar for all leaders of Youth Mission teams on February 29, 2020 at 9:30am Central (10:30am Eastern). This is a time for learning, conversation, and connection for all things Youth Mission. There will time to engage in discussion and questions, and each participant will receive the It’s Their Mission leadership manual. Registration is limited to 20 participants! Signup today.

"It's Their Mission" is a youth mission model created by Rev. Dr. Jan Yandell with step-by-step instructions for a youth designed/youth owned work mission program.  The youth make the decisions and do the planning for mission journeys that change lives, both of the people they help and the youth themselves. 

Jan has taken youth on 31 trips to 30 different sites.  She has used the "It's Their Mission" model with as few as eight and as many as 98 youth on a mission experience.  The manual is easy to follow and provides the answers to who, what, where, why and how to beginning or growing a mission program for your young people.

Topics include:

  • Goals
  • Who, Where, What
  • Initial steps
  • Committees
  • Meeting schedule
  • Fund raising
  • Mission Week
  • Travel tips
  • Expectations of Youth
  • Expectations of adults