Staffing Announcement

Collin Grooms, Site Director of Lake Lucerne United Methodist Church Camp, has accepted the position of Executive Director at Bear Creek Camp (ELCA) in Wilkes-Barre, PA starting January 1.  His last day at Lake Lucerne will be December 20. Collin served in the Wisconsin camping ministries as Program Director beginning in March, 2015 and then moved to being Site Director of Lake Lucerne in December, 2016. 

He has nurtured hundreds of young people in their faith development, self-confidence, love of nature, and enjoyment of life through his creative, visionary leadership and generous service. His Christian faith and his passion for camps, campers, camp staff, ecology, and nature have been strongly present throughout his ministry with us. We give thanks to Collin for his nearly five years of ministry in Wisconsin. We will deeply miss him as a friend and colleague – and we delight in this new ministry opportunity for him. (Collin has requested that if people ask, we offer any financial thank you gifts toward Lake Lucerne Playground equipment.)