Bishop Hee-Soo Jung’s Position on Church Trials

In light of the recent call for a moratorium on church trials, the Bishop and cabinet want to remind our Wisconsin Conference of the Bishop’s position on trials.  This has been the Bishop’s position since coming here in 2012: Bishop Jung is opposed to trials in general, except in rare and extreme cases.  Bishop Jung is especially opposed to trials that involve divisions in our clergy covenant community and that question the decisions of conscience that our clergy leaders make.  In every case, Bishop Jung will work for “just resolution” of any and all charges.  If individuals or groups are committed to bringing charges to trial, Bishop Jung believes that the costs of the trial should rest with the complainants.  Bishop Jung does not support using funds designated for mission and ministry to pay for church trials.  Additionally, the Bishop’s Task Force on a Wisconsin Way Forward is looking at ways we can address divisive issues and positions without resorting to formal charges and complaints.  Together, we are seeking worshipful, spiritual, and merciful methods and means of justice in our Wisconsin Conference, that witness to everyone the grace and love of God through Jesus the Christ.