Complete HealthFlex Annual Election by November 14

The Annual Enrollment for HealthFlex insurance plans in 2020 is open from October 30 - November 14, 2019. Login at to access the new WebMD homepage.  Please be sure you have an active account with WebMD.   This is for lay participants and clergy actively serving churches full-time or ¾ time – NOT retirees. 

If you have trouble establishing your HealthFlex/WebMD login, call WebMD at 1-866-302-5742.

When you do make your choices during Annual Election, please make sure you complete your election and get to the place in the process where you receive a CONFIRMATION.  Then, print your confirmation and keep it for your records.

“Alex” will be available on the website until Open Enrollment for Health Insurance begins October 31st.  Do the options of B1000, C2000, C3000, H1500, H2000 and H3000 make your head spin?  Then, let Alex help you determine what might be best for you.

Even though you’ve designated your plan and the cost on your Pastoral Support Form for Charge Conference, you will also need to go online and register for your choices during Annual Enrollment.  If you do not, you will be registered for the medical insurance plan you are enrolled in during 2019 again in 2020 – BUT, you will not have dental, more than basic vision or a reimbursement account. 

For a comparison of the different plans in 2020, rate sheets and a “How Do I Choose a Health Plan?” brochure, go to

Retirees DO NOT participate in Open Enrollment with HealthFlex.  You will be receiving letters from AmWins later this fall.

For more information, please contact Rev. Jean Ehnert Nicholas, Conference Benefits Officer at .