Menomonie Campus Ministry: An Ongoing Legacy of Faith

The Menomonie United Methodist Church has a long history of connecting with students at UW-Stout and helping them grow in faith. Several UW-Stout alumni from many different generations are still active in the Menomonie UMC because of connections they made here in campus ministry here many decades ago. They are proud to continue to support student ministry that reaches out to current students.

Therefore, on Wednesday nights at the Menomonie United Methodist Church, you’ll usually find a group of students from UW-Stout gathered around some good food, some good games, and good conversation about prayer, the Bible, and faith. One current student who has been active in campus ministry activities this year, Rachel Vind, says, “My time with our campus ministry has helped me grow and trust in my faith more than ever. It has also been a great way for me to connect with others and share our different experiences in our journey with God.”

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