Wisconsin Flood Recovery Update and How to Help

Lynnette Jordan, the Assistant Disaster Response Coordinator for Wisconsin Conference, provides an update on flood recovery in Wisconsin. Many who were affected by the flooding this spring and last fall still have not recovered.  Read more to learn how you can get involved.

It has been a very busy spring for the Disaster Response Committee. There is a lot of water in the North Central and Mid-West parts of the United States. As far as Wisconsin goes, we did have more flooding this spring.  There had been requests for Early Response Teams (muck and gut), especially in Fond du Lac and Brown Counties, and those requests have been cleaned up.  There are no longer any remaining requests for muck and gut relief teams here in Wisconsin.

Other states also experienced flooding. Nebraska requested ERT's from their jurisdiction. We are not in their jurisdiction, so will not be requesting any assistance for teams to go there at this point in time. Iowa recently had more flooding.  They are in our jurisdiction, so there will likely be a request from Iowa once the waters recede.  

Wisconsin had much flooding in August and September of 2018. Unfortunately, many of those who were affected by the flooding still have not recovered.  Fortunately for those in the Juneau Co area, the community has not forgotten and is actively working to help those who are unable to recover on their own.  The recovery effort that formed is called "The Long Term Recovery Partnership in Juneau Co" and is being lead by Winding Rivers UMC.  

The Long Term Recovery Partnership in Juneau Co is working with many businesses, the local municipalities, the Juneau and Adams County Emergency Management, and the various Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster members which include: Red Cross, Salvation Army, Team Rubicon, Wisconsin Emergency Management, and United Methodist Committee On Relief (UMCOR).  UMCOR has recently approved over a million dollars to the Winding Rivers UMC for the Long Term Recovery Partnership (LTRP) flood recovery efforts. 

The LTRP has Recovery Coordinators, Case Managers,  and Volunteer Coordinator on staff to help with the recovery process.  There have been fundraising efforts and a couple of grants, which will provide funds to purchase materials.  Dorms are being built to house volunteers, the Lions have donated funds to feed volunteers for the summer.  What we are still in need of are  volunteer teams!  They are looking for groups: church groups, youth groups, friend groups, club groups, family groups..... any group of 4 to 40 people which would like to help a flood survivor recover.  Come for a day, 3 days, or a week.  Dates are available in May, early June, late July, all of August, September, and October.

How you can help

  • Find a group, 
  • Put together a list of dates the group is available
  • and what skills the group may have (for example youth group, some remodeling skills, or know how to paint.)
  • Email Lynette Jordan, the Volunteer Coordinator, at lynnette.jordan0707@gmail.com

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