Campus Ministry Witness in Milwaukee

University Christian Ministries (UCM) is an interdenominational campus ministry on the UW–Milwaukee campus.  Formerly known as the United Ministry in Higher Education–Milwaukee, the Rainbow House, and the Wesley Foundation, we welcome everyone in the UWM community!  Regardless of where you are in your faith journey, you will find an open and understanding atmosphere at UCM where you can discover, explore, experience, and grow in Jesus Christ! Campus Minister, Alan McCalister, recently shared this testimonial from UCM student, Treena Glover:

“UCM has made a difference in my life by providing me with a community committed to learning, serving, and growing in Christ. I am grateful for the Finding Your Purpose program. Through this program I am both challenged and inspired to dig deeper into my purpose in life. I am certain that ‘service’ is a core factor of who I am, but now (due to the class) I wonder if there is a specific ‘place’ where God would want me to be. I am also provided the opportunity to continue to serve the lunch bunches, serve the ministry in general, and serve as a key tool in securing four spring 2019 grants for the ministry. Thank you UCM for being instrumental in my life.”

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