Communications & IT Staff Updates

As the Communications & IT Department has gone through changes over the past year, we recognize that there has been some confusion over who to contact within the department. Roy Noriega is the Information Technology  Administrator and Chrissy Graham is the Coordinator of Communications.

Roy Noriega, who previously served as the IT Manager, offers so much more than IT Support and has been critically important in helping our conference move forward in all aspects of technology – web, video, database, phone, communication, information technology, hardware, software, programming.  The list just keeps growing.  For this reason, Roy’s position was changed to “Information Technology Administrator” to acknowledge his expertise and specialist status. If you have any IT related questions, you can reach him at

Chrissy Graham, previously the Communications Assistant, joined us full-time on January 1, to become the Coordinator of Communications for the Wisconsin Conference.  She has been a part of our staff family for a long time, but she makes the move from a contracted temporary employee to join us full time.  She will continue her work on social media, enews, conference communications and announcements, in-house communications, as well as serving as media contact for the conference and our boards, agencies, staff, and affiliate organizations. If you have questions about enews, the website, or other communications topics, you can reach her at