Did You Know?

Apportionment Formula – Each Annual Conference has the ability to determine its own apportionment formula, whereby local churches are asked to give an amount to support Connectional Ministries of the UMC. The Wisconsin Annual Conference’s apportionment formula is based one-third on professing membership and two-thirds on local expenses.

Each church is discounted 25 members before the formula is computed. And newly chartered congregations are apportioned beginning on January 1 following chartering. Our apportionment formula policy 10.1.0 can be found on page 341 of the 2016 Conference Journal.

Church History – Our Conference Archives serves the purpose of collecting, preserving and promoting the history and records of our Annual Conference. Please e-mail Archives@WisconsinUMC.org with documents and pictures of special celebrations or the history of your church that you want the Annual Conference to preserve.