Benefits Corner: 2019 Medical Insurance Rates Set

The 2019 medical insurance rates for clergy and laity are available on the Conference website. This page also includes a HealthFlex Exchange Plan Comparison and a guide on how to choose a health plan. Policies on health insurance appear on page 363 of the 2016 Conference Journal.

  • 120.1.1 Participation. All three-quarter and full-time pastoral charges and pastors are required to participate in the health insurance plan.
  • 120.1.2 Church Contributions. Churches shall contribute at least 72% of monthly universal premium for every person under appointment that is serving at least three-quarter time in the local church. All participating pastoral charges will pay the same premium for every pastor, regardless of single or married status, or number of dependents.

The 2019 Universal Premium for all churches and charges with 3/4 or full-time pastors is $1,279/month, compared to $1,295/month in 2018. Yes, it decreased by 1.2%! Churches may (but are not required) to pay all or a portion of the pastor’s personal portion of the health insurance premium for the plan they choose, along with any vision or dental insurance premiums the pastor selects.

Article by the Rev. Jean Nicholas, Conference Benefits Officer