Financial Results

Through June, Apportionment Receipts were $2,920,776, or 35.3% of Gross Apportionments billed to local churches (41.5% of Net Apportionments). This is 0.5% higher than where we were in June 2018. And our target is to grow closer to receiving 50% at the end of the second quarter.

Our Total Expenses for the second quarter were $3,414,719, which is 48.5% of our budgeted expenses for the year. The Apportionment Receipts less Expenses leaves us with a deficit of $493,942 for the first quarter.

Our apportionment receipts are currently projected to be inadequate to meet our budgeted expenses for the year. CFA carefully reviewed the Conference’s financial heath and considered our limited options at their July meeting. A decision was made to reduce the planned spending by 10% for each board and agency of the Conference. CFA will continue to encourage apportionment giving throughout the Conference and promote our various ministries.

We are asking all of our churches to support our Connectional Ministries by giving monthly to Apportionments. We also thank those 23 churches who have already paid in full for the year.

Click here to view the Summary Budget Report. Click here for the latest Apportionments Paid report.