Funding for Ministry

Our Council on Finance and Administration (CFA) has four tactics to achieve our goal of supporting local churches and getting every church to participate in Connectional Giving at 100% or more: (1) Educate Churches on Connectional Giving; (2) Provide Training to Local Church Finance Officers; (3) Identify New Funding Sources for Local Churches; and (4) Evaluate Current Apportionment Formula.

Focusing on tactic #3, we have started a section of our website where we will list grants. And you are welcome to email me if you have come across any that you would like to share.

Below are some grant opportunities with upcoming deadlines. Please note that most grants are for ministries, not for building maintenance or repair (except for the Groat grant for rural churches).

  • Peace with Justice Grant due August 10th
  • Groat Rural Ministry Accessibility Grant due July 15th
  • Foundation Stewardship Grant due anytime

Click here to view the Grant page of our website.