2019 Budget Approved by Annual Conference

On June 17th, the members of the Wisconsin Annual Conference approved the 2019 budget that was proposed by the Council on Finance and Administration (CFA). The 2019 Budget includes funds allocated as follows:

  • 33% for connectional ministries in Wisconsin, including mission projects, campus ministries, camps, health and welfare ministries, and staff leadership.
  • 26% for local congregational development, which includes the work of the Conference Strategy Board as they start new churches and teach through the Institute of Congregational Development (ICD). It also includes the Cabinet’s budget for revitalization, critical ministry support and moving costs.
  • 25% is designated to support the global and national connectional ministries of The United Methodist Church. This represents our Conference Apportionments paid to the General Church.
  • 9% is dedicated to cultivating and empowering the clergy and laity leadership of our Conference. This is the work of the Board of Ordained Ministry, the Board of Laity, and the Board of Higher Education and Student Ministry.
  • 7% of our budget covers Conference support ministries, which includes our Board of Trustees budget for upkeep and maintenance of our Conference Center office space, the Conference Secretary’s budget for administration and the printing of the annual Conference Journal and Yearbook, and the work of Archives in preserving the history of our Annual Conference.

Click here for the Statistics and Budget presentation. Click here for our Conference Budget webpage where you can find the full budget in summary and detail forms.