Clergy Role in Finance

The pastor plays an important role in the church finances. Not only is s/he a member of the Finance Committee, but the 2016 General Conference added the following duty in the Book of Discipline for elders and licensed pastors:

“To provide leadership for the funding ministry of the congregation. To ensure membership care including compliance with charitable giving documentation requirements and to provide appropriate pastoral care, the pastor, in cooperation with the financial secretary, shall have access to and responsibility for professional stewardship of congregational giving records” (¶340.2.C.2.C.).

The financial secretary has one of the most important and sensitive offices in the church. This person has the responsibility for supervising the offering count, promptly depositing cash from offerings, and keeping records of contributions. The financial secretary should work with the pastor by providing reports as requested, notifying the pastor of any significant changes in giving, and keeping the pastor informed of how the church is complying with charitable giving requirements.