HealthFlex Exchange New in 2017

Active clergy and lay employees enrolled in the Conference group health insurance plan through HealthFlex will have new choices beginning in 2017. Participants will select among six plans for their health coverage on a private exchange, with the plans’ deductible amounts varying between $1,000 and $3.000. There will also be three optional dental coverages to select from and an enhanced vision plan, all at additional premium cost to the participant. Some health plans include a flexible Medical Reimbursement Account or a Health Savings Account. 

To assist enrollees becoming fully informed about this new HealthFlex Exchange, the Joint Board of Pensions, Insurance and Equitable Compensation will be conducting a series of 11 workshops across Wisconsin on September 19 – 20, October 6 – 7 and October 24 – 25. These workshops will prepare participants to select the options which will best match their personal health coverage needs. This change does not affect retirees enrolled in the group Medicare supplement plan through AmWINS.