Church Mutual Insurance Safety Dividend Paid to Churches

We have earned another Safety Dividend from the Church Mutual Insurance Company.

As a result of your efforts to keep risk management and loss control at the forefront, Church Mutual Insurance Company is returning a total of $35,722 to the participating members of the Wisconsin Conference of The United Methodist Church insurance program. Congratulations!!

In January of 2008, your Conference Board of Trustees negotiated a safety dividend feature to be included in the Wisconsin Conference insurance program with Church Mutual. In exchange for a favorable loss history experienced by the group as a whole, each member organization participating in the program can earn a share of a dividend equaling up to 20% of the qualifying premium. We are excited to announce that earlier this week Church Mutual sent each participating member church their portion of the second distribution of the dividend we earned for the 2009 experience year.

This is an ongoing part of your insurance program and calculations are updated and occur every year. With that in mind, we encourage you to please continue with your efforts at controlling loss and mitigating damage. Every dollar saved on the claim side of insurance can result in premium savings and monies returned to all participating churches via this dividend program.