In June 2019, our Annual Conference voted to change the way our local churches are apportioned. Beginning July 2019, local churches will be notified of their share of apportionments, separated into three categories: 1) General Conference Apportionments, 2) Jurisdictional Apportionments, and 3) Wisconsin Conference Apportionments. Click here for Frequently Asked Questions on this change.

For March, apportionment receipts totaled $1,175,375 or 14.2% of the gross amount apportioned to local churches. This is a decrease of $160,299 or 1.9% from the 2018 receipts ($1,335,674). The percentage paid for the past five years has ranged between a low of 14.2% and a high of 16.3% (in 2016).

Total expenses were $1,484,751. Expenses decreased by $99,559 compared to March 2018. This decline is a result of a reduced budget in 2019. The Apportionment Receipts Less Expenses leaves us with a deficit of $309,376 for the first quarter. Click here to view summary and detail reports on how funds were spent.

As an Annual Conference, we support the mission of Harbor House to provide hospitable shelter, transitional living and services for homeless women and families. Stories of their work so far this year include: 1) a mom and her three children found an apartment and are ready to move in; 2) a mom starting a new job after being unemployed for three months; and a single woman completing her rehab time and remaining sober to sixty days. Their emergency shelters had been full and a local hotel provided three nights until they had space. 75% of the Transitional Living Center residents attended aLife Skills training. Harbor House has been under the leadership of Rev Barbara Certa-Werner, who will be transitioning to District Superintendent of the North West District in July. Click here for Harbor House’s most recent Shining Light Newsletter.

In the first few months of each year, the Cabinet offers Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee (SPRC)trainings on each district. Each Local Church SPRC has the task of building strong relationships between church staff and the congregation; and between the congregation and the District Superintendent (DS). Each year the Cabinet also works on appointments –matching the gifts and talents of the clergy with local congregations. More than 30 appointments have been made so far. A new event that the Cabinet worked with the Minnesota Cabinet on is the leadership conference for Hmong United Methodist Churches. More than 120 people attended in person and many more through the gift of technology.

The General Administration Fund is one of the seven apportioned funds of The United Methodist Church. It underwrites and finances General Church activities that are administrative in nature, for instance, the legislative branch of the Church. The fund maintains a system of management oversight and fiscal responsibility within the Church. The General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) manages and administers the finances of the Church; receives, disburses and accounts for the Church’s general funds; in addition it safeguards the denomination’s legal interests and rights. It also collects denominational statistical data for production of the general minutes and analysis and research. Click here for more information.

As previously reported, mid-year 2018 the Council on Finance & Administration (CF&A) reviewed projections for apportionment receipts and determined that the receipts would be inadequate to cover the budgeted expenses. The Conference budget was reduced by 10% for each board and agency.

For 2018, apportionment receipts totaled $6,611,580 or 79.9% of the gross amount apportioned to local churches. This is a decrease of $18,045 or 0.2% from the 2017 receipts ($6,629,625). The percentage paid for the past five years has ranged between a low of 79.9% and a high of 82% (2015). We had 273 churches give 100% of the amount apportioned to them.

Total expenses were $6,466,658 and the addition to the cash reserve was $144,922. Expenses decreased by $376,464 compared to 2017. This decline was a direct result of the mid-year budget revision which led to staff reductions, the cancellation of some ministry events/activities, and the withholding of financial support from some churches and organizations. Difficult decisions were made by our Conference boards and agencies so that we could reach some financial stability. It is important to note that in 2018, we continued to pay our apportionments to the General Church in full in compliance with Conference Policy 10.3.0 General Conference Apportionments.

The cash reserve balance at the end of 2017 was $298,155. We were able to add $144,922 to the cash reserve for a 2018 balance of $443,077. Per Conference Policy 10.6.0 “The Council shall establish a goal of 10% of the Conference budget as the cash reserve”. The 2018 cash reserve goal was $662,963.

Click here to view the Final 2018 Budget Report. Also, click here to view the 2020 Proposed Budget and previous year budgets on our website.

Our Annual Conference supports The Crossing, an ecumenical organization located on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. Last fall The Crossing began partnering with a student organization called Food Recovery Network to address food insecurity and food waste on campus. More than 150 students come through for the delicious, health and free meals! 

“Outside My Window – A deeper look at the realities of our world” was a youth event that set out to broaden horizons and deepen participants hearts for a more just world. Led by Pastor Peace Kim from Whitefish Bay, the itinerary included worship at Riverside Church in NY, a seminar on Acts of Justice at the Church Center for the United Nations, serving meals at The Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger in Brooklyn, NY and so much more. 

Throughout the year, both Lake Lucerne and Pine Lake are open with opportunities for personal and group retreats. Our camps host groups almost every weekend of the year. In 2018, Lake Lucerne hosted 36 retreat groups and Pine Lake hosted 77 retreat groups. In 2018, we celebrated that camper registrations were up 10% over the previous year. There were 81 scholarships given to campers who may have missed the chance to be at camp without it. And over 35 churches raised or dedicated funds to help over 125 campers get to camp! Our camping staff worked hard to make all of this possible. Click here to visit the Camp & Retreat Ministries webpage.

Through December we received 73.3% of the Gross Apportionments billed to churches for 2018. Our goal for 2018 is 85%! If your church is able, please consider giving over and above the amount apportioned. Your generosity is appreciated! If you can, please send in your final giving through the Ezra website.

Each year, United Methodist Churches complete Statistical Reports which compiles data on Membership and Participation (Table #1), Church Assets and Expenses (Table #2) and Church Income (Table #3) for the entire denomination. The year-end reporting is done through the Ezra website (the same website used for online apportionment giving). The login credentials for your church will not be reset this year. Please use the password your church set last year or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to have it reset.

Beginning January 1, 2019, the standard mileage rates for the use of a car will be 58 cents per mile driven for business use and 14 cents per mile driver in service of charitable organizations.

If you are in the Sun Prairie area and would to help out our Finance & Administration Office by filing, data entry and other clerical work we would welcome it! As you know, our office was recently down-sized and although we are putting new efficient processes in place, we still have a lot of work to get things back to running smoothly! The good news is that all of our staff are up for the challenge. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have the availability to spend a day with our F&A team.

There are some year end tasks you should be aware of, including form W-2 Wage and Tax Statement, contribution statements and a few tips for closing your books.

January 19th - Leadership Conference - 9 a.m. at Onalaska UMC. Click here for the flyer. January 28th - Clergy Tax Workshop 9:30 a.m. at Conference Center in Sun Prairie. Click here to register. February 11th - Clergy Taxes: Keep All You Can! 10 a.m. webinar. Click here to register.