This summer has been a time of transition for our Finance Office. In July we started using the Ezra website for apportionment giving and in August we had a reduction in our finance staff due to budgetary constraints. Thank you all for your patience and kind words. You don’t know how much we appreciate them. The note in the picture was written on our Task Board by Lisa Adler, our Accounting Clerk.

As always, if you have any finance or administration-related questions please call 608-837-7320 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are here to serve!

Tamara Wims
Conference Treasurer & Director of Administration

The 2019 Apportionment Notice will be mailed at the end of the month to the Pastor and Treasurer of each church. For the Wisconsin Annual Conference, the apportionment calculation is based 1/3 on church membership and 2/3 on local church expenses as reported on your statistical reports (Conference Policy 10.1.0 found on page 341 of the 2016 Conference Journal).

Our churches give each month to Special Sunday Offerings, Global Advance Projects and Wisconsin Projects. An updated list of these funds/projects is available on our website. For the Global Advance Projects, we will be using the project number assigned by the General Board of Global Ministries. We ask that Treasurers use these fund numbers when sending donations to the Conference Office. View the updated fund List.

Thank you for bearing with us through the transition to the Ezra website for apportionments. This is the same website we ask you to use to submit your yearly statistics. We transitioned to this website because the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) provides it for free to Annual Conferences.

There is a beautiful thread running through The Book of Discipline (BoD) and the history and practice of the United Methodist Church. Much of this thread is woven between the lines of the BoD, but it shows boldly in the paragraphs concerning the Council on Finance and Administration (CF&A).

Congregations around the globe celebrate World Communion Sunday on the first Sunday of every October. The offering provides college scholarships for racial and ethnic minority students across the U.S. and worldwide. Click here for a bulletin insert on World Communion Sunday. When sending the offering to the Annual Conference, please use Fund No 1045.

The donor determines if a contribution is unrestricted or restricted. Most of the Sunday offering is unrestricted since the donor has not specified how it should be used. These contributions can be used to pay for the normal operating expenses of the church. 

The 2019 medical insurance rates for clergy and laity are available on the Conference website. This page also includes a HealthFlex Exchange Plan Comparison and a guide on how to choose a health plan. Policies on health insurance appear on page 363 of the 2016 Conference Journal.

October 27th - Church Finance Training - 10 a.m. - Rhinelander, WI - Training led by our Conference Treasurer will include best practices for handling church finances and a basic understanding of the roles of the church treasurer, financial secretary and finance committee members.

January 19th - Leadership Training Day - LaCrosse, WI - A day of training hosted by the LaCrosse Area Circuit that will include training on finance, SPRC and more! More details will be provided in the next Finance News.

On a quarterly basis, I plan to send a Summary Budget Report to the members of our Annual Conference. This is an effort to report back to those who voted and approved this budget and update you on our Conference Finances. Our Council on Finance and Administration (CFA), led by Chair This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., is committed to Clarity/Transparency, Fairness/Justice, and Accountability. Year-to-date reports will also be available in the Finance Office section of our website under Conference Budget.

Tamara Wims
Conference Treasurer & Director of Administration

Through June, Apportionment Receipts were $2,920,776, or 35.3% of Gross Apportionments billed to local churches (41.5% of Net Apportionments). This is 0.5% higher than where we were in June 2018. And our target is to grow closer to receiving 50% at the end of the second quarter.

Our Total Expenses for the second quarter were $3,414,719, which is 48.5% of our budgeted expenses for the year. The Apportionment Receipts less Expenses leaves us with a deficit of $493,942 for the first quarter.

Our apportionment receipts are currently projected to be inadequate to meet our budgeted expenses for the year. CFA carefully reviewed the Conference’s financial heath and considered our limited options at their July meeting. A decision was made to reduce the planned spending by 10% for each board and agency of the Conference. CFA will continue to encourage apportionment giving throughout the Conference and promote our various ministries.

We are asking all of our churches to support our Connectional Ministries by giving monthly to Apportionments. We also thank those 23 churches who have already paid in full for the year.

Click here to view the Summary Budget Report. Click here for the latest Apportionments Paid report.

This year at the Annual Conference Ordination service, thirteen individuals were licensed as local pastors, four were commissioned for the work of an elder, two commissioned for the work of deacon, three were ordained elders, and two individuals ordained in the Korean Methodist Church were recognized as Elders in Full Connection in the United Methodist Church. Click here for a story on the Ordination service.

Our Conference supports the General Church’s Interdenominational Cooperation Fund. As a denomination, The United Methodist Church is but one member of a much larger Body of Christ united in love of God and love of neighbor. We participate in a number of ecumenical programs and organizations that promote Christian ministries and values around the world. Click here for a video on how our interfaith dialogue strengthens our church.

The Missional Church Consultation Initiative (MCCI) is an intensive consultation and clergy coaching model designed to intervene in local churches that are currently plateaued, are in decline, or are on the way “up,” but not sure what should come next. Our Cabinet budget line for revitalization is supporting the participation of six churches around our Conference in this initiative. The Cabinet also sponsored a Breakthrough Prayer Initiative Training Event on June 30th, which was attended by 191 persons, representing 30 churches. Click here for a story on this training!

Our Annual Conference is doing miraculous life-changing work through our Conference boards, agencies and our staff. Let us continue in our Annual Conference theme of being “One With Each Other,” in Jesus’ name.

Can you believe the year is halfway through? It’s a good time for us to pause, reflect on how the year is coming along, remind ourselves of our goals that we set for the year, and see if there is anything we can work on doing better in the second half as our finance committees support our church and its ministries. Have the monthly reports to the finance committee members been sent regularly? Is the church financially where you expected to be mid-year compared to budget? Was last year’s local church audit completed and a copy sent to your District Office? Have you checked the Apportionments section of our Conference website to see where your church is on the Percentage Paid Report?

Just some questions to think about…If you have any finance-related questions or suggestions please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are here to serve!

Tamara Wims
Conference Treasurer & Director of Administration

We are now using the Ezra website (same website as used for submitting statistics) to accept apportionment and advance project giving. The apportionment payment website that we used in the past is outdated and will no longer be supported by Vanco. Each church has one log in and password to Ezra. Lisa Adler will be working hard to get all of our churches transitioned over to the new website! Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have questions or need help getting into Ezra.

On June 17th, the members of the Wisconsin Annual Conference approved the 2019 budget that was proposed by the Council on Finance and Administration (CFA). The total budget is $6,783,839, a decrease of $248,000 from 2018. This budget includes funds allocated to five ministry areas and is supported by all of our local United Methodist Churches in Wisconsin. This is OUR BUDGET as a Conference. In August the Pastor and Church Treasurer will receive the 2019 apportionment amount for your church. Thank you for your faithful giving to support our shared ministry together!