Printable version of the Minimum Standards.

130.0.0 Church Facilities Policy

130.1.0 Minimum Standards
Local churches in the Wisconsin Conference will meet the following minimum standards:

  • Indoor plumbing/restroom, running water with at least one flush toilet
  • Electricity which meets building code
  • A heating system with thermostat
  • Handicap accessibility to building code

130.2.0 Remedial Funding
Local churches which do not meet these standards may apply to the Conference Trustees for supplemental financial assistance to correct deficiencies. A church requesting assistance must participate in the cost through a minimum 1/3 matching funds, or equivalent labor and materials. Churches requesting assistance with improvements will be required to submit the results of a structural inspection by a Wisconsin certified inspector to verify the soundness of the building, along with a copy of their treasurer's report and audit. Priority will be given to requests in descending order of the minimum standards listed. Requests for financial assistance are to be submitted to the Conference Trustees by April 1, with grants for approved projects released by May 1, each Conference year.

  • Type of projects considered for funding in the following priority:
    • Plumbing - to local code.
      • Water source.
      • Sewer/septic.
    • Electric - to local code.
    • Heating system - to local code.
    • Handicap accessibility - to local code.
  • Procedure to request funds
    • Local church to provide the following:
      • Building Inspection Report.
      • Copy of current Financial Report.
      • Copy of contractor/architect proposed cost of project.
  • Funding
    • Maximum of $15,000.
    • Local Church 1/3 of cost.
    • Trustees 2/3 of cost.
  • Request to be submitted to President of Conference Board of Trustees.
  • Request to be received by April 1st of each year.
  • Funds to be released by May 1st of each year.