Evangelism put simply is inviting someone into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Often that begins with faith sharing and an invitation to church.

Most of us have the gift of invitation. We invite people to other events in our lives but are often reticent to talk about our faith. When done correctly, invitation is just a part of natural conversation.

A culture of Evangelism can start in your church.

  • Talking about inviting guests.
  • Talk about what faith sharing is.
  • Develop a strategy of welcoming guests as if you are expecting them to come.
  • Finding ways of integrating guests who become regular attenders into the life of the church.

God has given us the gift of the Gospel and the gift of relationship. As stewards of those gifts, we are invited to share them with those yet waiting to hear.

Team Members

  • Rebecca (Becky) Mueller



  • Multiply by Francis Chan
  • Real-Life Discipleship by Jim Putman
  • Speaking of Jesus by Carl Medearis
  • The Logic of Evangelism by William J. Abraham
  • Unbinding the Gospel Series by Martha Grace Reese
  • Walk Across the Room by Bill Hybels

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