Dear Lord, we pray today for those in pain-pain suffered at the hands of others. Give to these servants who are in pain the ability to soothe that pain. Give them quiet times in which the pain can ease. Give them the ability to ease each other's pain. For all, who in that pain, suffered at the hands of others, wrap them in your healing embrace-that embrace that causes all pain to ease, and carry them to that place of quiet rest. Amen.

Hear our prayer, O Lord; we wait to feel your touch. We are deeply wounded souls coming to you for relief. We confess that we are at a time when our faith is feeble, and we faintly trust in your word. Will you help us any less? As of old, we ask, "Lord, help our unbelief." We long to hear the words, "Go in peace; your faith has made you whole." We come with hopes and fears to touch you if we may; do not send us home empty. Touch us and make us whole. Amen.

We come to you silenced, frenzied and unclean. We flee from reality as the night flees the sun, for it is the reality that hurts too much. An Christ joins our journey. Christ drives the demons from our lives, and even from the gray cells of our minds. Christ flees us frees us from the tyrant voices, the twisted thoughts, the doubts and the fears. Clear out thoughts and calm our souls. By the power of your healing, make us faithful, true and whole. Amen.

I have been in darkness, Lord. You have rescued me from the dominion of darkness and have brought me to your kingdom. I now live in the light of you. The troubles have been brought into the light and made visible. Help me to grow in your grace. I desire to be a doer of the word, and not just a hearer. I want to be your willing servant. I thank you, for the evil powers in my life are broken, overthrown and cast down. Amen.

An Invitation to Christ

Come into the darkness with me, O Christ. Come into the dark part of me where I can put aside the pain. You, O Lord, have experienced such pain. You have experienced the pain suffered at the hands of others. You have been humiliated and you have been damaged. Come into the darkness with me, O Christ, that you might light my way out, that you might take this pain from me. You and I, O Lord, are together in our suffering. You, O Christ, will bring me to the light once again. You know my pain, take it from me. What a wonderful Lord you are! Amen.