Group photo of kids associated with the Wisconsin Conference Youth CouncilWe are the voice of the young people in Wisconsin United Methodist Churches. We serve those who are in youth and young adult ministries and the workers who lead them. We are all about making connections. We make connections with local churches and districts through Conference youth events, evangelism, discipleship, and worship beyond the local church. We also make connections through technology, like our web page and Facebook.

Our purpose is to help local churches serve youth and young adults in Wisconsin by offering resources, leadership training, and high-quality, high-energy events that combine fun with spiritual formation and empowerment in the Wesleyan tradition. We also provide:

  • Connection to our Camping Ministries Programs
  • Program support and "spreading the word" about your event or idea
  • Education and training opportunities available for you and your congregation
  • Coordination of events that connect us as a Conference and as a denomination