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  • Group Ruling Certification Letter: You can obtain a “group ruling certification letter” specifically for your church in 15 minutes by visiting umgroupruling.org. Some churches continue to use the 501(c)(3) letter addressed to the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA); however, you are able to obtain a letter that specifically identifies your church. This letter can come in handy to prove your tax exempt status to vendors you purchase supplies from as well as individuals or organizations who request it prior to donating to your church.
  • How Long to Keep Church Records? Guidance on how long to keep local church records is provided by the General Commission on Archives & History. As you maintain the financial records for your church, keep in mind the following suggested time frames:
Accounts Payable Records 7 Years
Bank Deposit Books 7 Years
Bank Deposit Slips 3 Years
Bank Statements 7 Years
Budget Records Permanent Permanent
Invoices (non construction) 7 Years
Invoices (construction/building) Permanent/Archived
Permanent/Archived Tax Returns 7 Years


Click here for Local Church Records Schedule.