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We have been wanting to get up to see some of the flying that Wings of the Morning is doing. On Sunday we got a chance to go on a trip to Kapanga and we enjoyed it very much. It is always good to see the places you hear about and get a better idea of what the pilots have to deal with.

We were only able to spend an hour there because of the weather and needing to get back. (It still is rainy season.) And there were two other people (unscheduled) who were hoping to catch a ride. But they hadn't said anything ahead of time. If Gaston had known, he could have arranged things differently.

He had added to his route to swing by Kamina to pick up two patients. He had taken fuel up in jerry cans to add to the tank in order to be sure he could have more time in case he had to dodge thunder storms. But the pump and logistics were in Kamina. Also Dan and I did not have to come along. So he had to say no. And he has such a servant heart he hates to say no. I suspect that aspect is harder for him than any of the aviation "work" he does.

One "God-incident" was that the Kamina District Superintendent (for the UMC) was at the airport. I had not met him, much less been able to do any coordinating for the seminar that I will be going up there in a week to do. So I was able to get some questions answered. PTL!

The flying was without incident, which is always a blessing. One of the patients had just come out of a coma the day before, and that morning had been agitated and pulled his IV's out of his arm. They were concerned that he might get disoriented on the flight and need calming down even though he no longer needed the IV. (They certainly could use a medical stretcher for the plane that would fasten to the seat rails. It would be a lot less stressful if a patient could lay down.) One of the passengers (scheduled) that we had picked up in Kapanga (the paying reason for the trip) was a EU delegate who looked very competent and spoke French. So he was asked to sit with that patient in case there was a problem, and he gladly accepted. There was no problem, but it was certainly kind of him.