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Tuesday we went to Zambia with a friend who has a bigger vehicle than ours to pick up Bible Story Books. We were able to bring in 15 boxes. Four boxes are going to Mulunguishi Methodist University. Four boxes are going to the Kasumbalesa border. The rest of the seven will be distributed around here.

We are selling the books for about half of what it costs to print. The money raised for this has enabled us to bring more books. We sell to people and churches in town that have money. Distribution in villages has often been for free. This picture might help you understand the reason for that.

We need to do this on a larger scale. We would like to bring in 100 boxes at a time. This will take coordination and money. Rachel is going to be facilitating a seminar in Kamina. She plans to use the books as a resource for the Sunday Schools up there. We are going to need the Caravan to take them up. Her goal is to have all the books gone by the time we itinerate next year!

Now you have an opportunity to help out. And the opportunity is unique. On December 3rd—That's in four days—any giving on line through the Advance will be matched dollar for dollar, meaning that 200 % of every donation through the Advance will go to support the ministry or the missionary it goes to. You have to do it online and on December 3rd. Please go to http//new.gbgm-umc.org/advance. See Advance Numbers here. We need your help December 3rd.