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Dear Supporters,

I guess I better not wait until things are figured out and settled to write to you. I am wondering if we will ever have things figured out here. We aren’t sure what we are doing yet. We just have to take the attitude that it’s an adventure!

Just getting shopping is an adventure! I think it will always be. The first decision to take when I need to do shopping is, do we walk or drive? Usually walking is easier. We live about 8 blocks from the first grocery store. There are four major stores plus the market. (The market is for when I am REALLY up for an adventure.) No one store has everything, so you end up traipsing around to all four. Then if you have a lot of groceries to carry, you take a taxi back. (About US $3.50) Walking is an adventure, especially crossing the streets.

But DRIVING! That’s crazy. You need areallygood reason to drive. You can’t even count the number of traffic violations you see in one trip. The taxi buses (vans) are the craziest. Traffic laws don’t seem to apply to them.

We are starting to figure out Swahili, but we aren’t spring chickens anymore. That takes a real sense of humor to be able to laugh at yourself and be willing to look foolish. Some people speak slowly and clearly and I feel like I’m getting somewhere. Then the next person speaks fast and I’m lost. Part of an adventure is getting lost, right?

Then there is the decision every Sunday on where to go to church. The main issue for us is language. No English service, but there are French and Swahili services. The French services are one and a half to two hours long. The Swahili services can easily go four hours. Yes, you read that right—four hours.Yesterday I counted the number of times in the bulletin that they had for choir numbers—six, not counting the procession and exiting and offertory singing. And when a choir gets up to sing they often don’t bother with only one song. Ha! It is at least two if not three numbers. So you can see a lot of time is taken with singing and it is extraordinary. Some of the singing is familiar and some of their music is very different. None of it is done standing still. Even when singing in one spot, they do an in-place step. So even church is an adventure.

Yesterday I got brave and did what I’ve been wanting to do since I got here. I left the service when the children went for their classes and I visited the Sunday school classes. It was so fun. Afterward I talked to the teacher. I asked questions and gave some suggestions. I was invited to come in two weeks to give a mini session on teaching Sunday school. Wow! It’s starting small, but it is a start.

Next week Pastor Diaman will be coming from Zambia to discuss coordinating what I will be continuing to do in Zambia and the possibilities of extending it into Congo. More adventures.

Dan’s adventures have been in finding ways and resources to fix things. Everything seems to need fixing. Right now he is testing out (in the garage) an electrical backup system for the hangar. Electrical power can lead to adventures too. I just hope they don’t get too exciting.

Your adventurer,

Rachel Gabler