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The Oneida Church is 179 years old and the oldest church in the Conference, having brought the Methodist Societies to Wisconsin from New York. Pastor Earl Smith reports from Oneida that the church is striving to establish itself as a church that is open to all people and all traditional Native American religions. The Oneida Church is committed to walk along side the traditionalists while bringing the gospel to them in a culturally sensitive way. There are 80-100 in worship every Sunday with larger gatherings on holidays and special events. The church has a small youth group and has difficulty attracting youth into the church. The Sunday school has 15 children of various ages. Pastor Smith leads home adult Bible studies. The church has three in confirmation this year. The Oneida Church is a self-supporting ministry, providing full pastoral support for the past three years. Pastor Earl Smith has been serving Oneida for one and a half years with his wife Sarah. Pastor Smith is an enrolled member of the Oneida Nation. The church engages in an ecumenical worship service on Good Friday every year.