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What do Volunteers in Mission do and where do they go?

VIMers work and travel in-state, throughout the United States, and internationally, to work at United Methodist camps, churches, and homes that have been neglected by poverty, or suffered flood-hurricane-tornado-storm damages. VIM work camps vary from a few days to as long as two weeks.

What skills are needed for the volunteer opportunities?

Skills needed vary. Both skilled and unskilled, but willing to learn VIMers, are welcome. The range of work teams at a given location usually include a cooking team, paint crews, construction crews, electrical experts, plumbers, team leaders, and many other helpers.

How long are the trips?

These volunteer opportunities are short term trips, usually one to two weeks in length.

How does transportation work?

Volunteers travel in-state often by private car; we travel nationally often in groups of 40-50 by bus, or smaller groups travel by van; and some travel by personal camper when our destination has the facilities for them to do so.

Who can participate on the trips?

Many of the VIM trips are open to youth and adults.

What does it cost?

Each trip has a registration fee. Usually a small fee is donated toward materials, and the remainder of the fee includes basic expenses for food, transportation, and miscellaneous administration costs as they are encountered. You might need extra spending money for outings. Scholarships are often available.