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Central Issue: Creating an atmosphere of hospitality and care for people of all ages.

Top Five Priorities

  • Sustain growth in church attendance and membership by December 31, 2003
  • To clarify facility needs
  • Making a second service a priority
  • Creating an atmosphere of Christ-like service
  • Develop more youth mentoring

Funding Support (BCCD): $3,700

Current Result

  • A new structure for staff and leadership has been implemented.
  • New teams are being created for hospitality and outreach.
  • Money is being raised to update the sound system and install a video system to better service both services and all projection for the later contemporary worship.
  • General gifts to the church are ahead of last year by 3%.
  • Information has been gathered on facility needs.

Contact for Info: Rev. Paul Armstrong, (920) 921-4949