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Central Issue: Being highly responsive to a diverse and growing neighborhood. To connect directly with over 3000 neighborhood people.

Top Five Priorities

  • Increase music ministry (gospel choir, choir director, children's music)
  • Increase youth and children's ministry
  • Hospitality as a priority
  • Evangelism within and outside the congregation
  • Link and partner with groups meeting in the facility

Funding Support (BCCD): $99,000 in 2003 & $65,000 in 2004

Current Result: The church is coming alive like never before, worship is being seen as a wonderful way to bring outreach to the community, there is greatly diminished negativism and an increase in a positive atmosphere, gospel choir is now active with a choir director, an outreach van has been purchased, the parking lot has been repaved, we are beginning to rethink the building's appearance and a sound system has been installed, and several have now been trained in Stephens Ministry.