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Central Issue: The church was slowly dying and had lost all sense of ministry to the community of which it was a part.

Top Five Priorities

  • Determine the unmet ministry needs of the community and address them
  • Become a stand-alone church
  • Become a church for the unchurched
  • Build a facility that is accessible and inviting to worshipers
  • Provide a place for community outreach ministries

Funding Support (BCCD): $60,000

Current Result

  • The church is a stand-alone church
  • With new facilities
  • Grew 14% in 2002 and is projected to grow 30% in 2003 in professing membership
  • Attendance is up 73%

Contact for Info: Rev. Jim Verkest or Lay Leader Steve Prewitt, (715) 693-2125