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Three Resources for Laity to Get Involved

The Power of Asset Mapping

Paperback: 148 Pages Publisher: Alban Institute (April 2004) Language: English ISBN-10: 156699294X ISBN-13: 978-1566992947

The Power of Asset Mapping is an amazing tool for community growth. It works from the premise that a congregation has all the gifts it needs to do what it needs to do -- we just haven't named them. It begins with one of the most enjoyable group activities I have ever facilitated: people gather in small groups and share what they love. Then it all gets up on the wall and we connect the dots. We're currently doing this at my church, a very small congregation, and we're rockin'. The book begins with the practical and moves to the theoretical and anyone who buys the book can download worksheets from their website.

Unbinding the Gospel

Paperback: 160 Pages Publisher: Chalice Press (January 1, 2007) Language: English ISBN-10: 0827238045 ISBN-13: 987-0827238046

Unbinding the Gospel: Real Life Evangelism is a book for church groups to study. It's a book for pastors who want the truth about the state of our churches. It presents a clear-spoken, hopeful vision for a future of sharing our faith in Christ. It gives us a way to get there--without formulas, but hand-in-hand with God!

Easy to read, witty, thoughtful and genuinely spiritual, Unbinding the Gospel is based on a four-year research project on superb evangelism. Author, pastor, and lawyer Martha Grace Reese interviewed more than 1,000 people in some of the most successful evangelistic congregations in the country.

Grounded in thorough research, the book sparkles with practicality. It is enthusiastically endorsed by Brian McLaren, John Thomas, George Hunter, Todd Hunter, Sharon Watkins, and Cliff Kirkpatrick. Richard Peace, professor of evangelism at Fuller Theological Seminary says, "This should be required reading in all mainline churches. Our continued existence may depend on it!"


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