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The Call...

...To start new churches is costly. Regular sources of funding are often inconsistent and inadequate to see the new ministry all the way through to completion. A New Faith Builders' Call will provide consistent and adequate start-up funding.

Goal: 5000 New Faith Builders are needed to contribute a minimum of $50 twice a year. This amount will provide a total of $250,000 for each of two new ministry starts every year.

Funding Example: New Ministry funding, for a first year, could look something like the example below:

  • New Faith Builders $250,000
  • Local Area/District $50,000
  • Conference Grant $20,000
  • New Start Ministry $10,000
  • First Year Total $330,000

Start-up Support: Within 3-5 years, funding will gradually be shifted to the new start ministry. New Faith Builders provide the funding foundation needed during the crucial start-up stage.

Decision Making

The Coordinator of the Conference Board of Congregation and Circuit Development will care for the day-to-day New Faith Builders' Call tasks. The Wisconsin Annual Conference Office of Finance and Administration will administer the financial management. Determination of which new ministries receiving a New Faith Builders' Call will be made by local area leadership initiative; the Bishop of the Wisconsin Area, in consultation with the Cabinet; and the Board of Congregation and Circuit Development.


  • Stand Alone New Churches
  • Parent Church Starting a New Church
  • New Ministry Forms Leading to New Faith Communities or New Churches

Why? Because We Are…

…called to "go and make disciples"
…called to "seek to grow together"
…called to be relevant in people's lives
…called to have open hearts, open minds, and open doors with Igniting Ministry.

Communications with New Faith Builders

An annual newsletter will be sent to each New Faith Builder providing an update of developments and stories regarding new ministry starts. Each New Faith Builder will be provided with full information about the new start when they are sent a call of support. New ministry start leadership will be available to speak at New Faith Builders' congregations. In addition, the New Faith Builders' Call Office will maintain this Internet website and be accessible via a toll-free number.

What Else is Good to Know?

Questions are always welcomed by the New Faith Builders' Office and the new ministry development team itself. It is hoped that New Faith Builders will decide each call to be worthy of their full participation.

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