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Bishop Jung, Steve Polster and a young womanThe General Board for Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM) leads and serves The United Methodist Church in educating, nurturing, and preparing leaders for the Church and the world. The Church and society are in a time of exponential change. We need leaders, as never before, with convicted moral and spiritual courage, excellence in preparation and training, and a compelling sense of mission or call.

Our statewide ministry education and development organization, The Wisconsin Board of Ordained Ministry, focuses its work in the first of four major areas of focus of The United Methodist Church: Developing Principled Christian Leaders.

Both men and women are needed as leaders in the Church. Women in leadership positions within The UMC are on the rise. As of 2011, 25 percent of U.S. UMC clergy were women. Some of the local percentages were much higher — in 10 of the 56 annual conferences studied, women were at least a third of all clergy, according to an analysis by the General Commission on the Status and Role of Women.

There are also many young adults who are looking to become leaders in a variety of positions in the Church. The Church welcomes and embraces these new leaders.

We live in a world that once had courageous Christian leaders, but now cries out for them – the kind of women and men who are set apart to show by example how to live faithfully in bold discipleship and to engage a world starving for the Gospel.

~The Rev. Jerome King Del Pino, GBHEM's general secretary, from General Conference 2008