Group holding hands (Conflict Transformation Ministry)Conflict is a normal part of life, even in the church. Understanding this can help church members realize that conflict in faith communities is expected. The important piece is learning how to deal with conflicts.

Our Conflict Transformation Ministry is dedicated to engage conflict constructively in ways that strive for justice, reconciliation, resource preservation and restoration of community in and through the United Methodist Church.

Our Wisconsin Conference Conflict Transformation Team teaches individuals and congregations how to create a safe, sacred space where people can work with the feelings of hurt, tension and disharmony found in conflict. The Team provides the opportunity for a healing environment to exist, so the Spirit of God can work through creative dialogue in order for transformation, and reconciliation to occur.

United Methodist children, youth, and adults—as devoted disciples of Jesus Christ—should strive to become peacemakers wherever they are—at home, school, work, in the local community and the wider world—and to show the love, compassion, and concern for justice that Jesus taught and lived. Local congregations—as an expression of Wesleyan social holiness—should teach and practice peacemaking, study underlying causes of conflict among social groups and nations, seek positive remedies and become instruments of peace. Our Annual Conference guides congregations through training, encouragement, and active support for peacemaking activities, and is the voice for peace, justice, and reconciliation within our Conference and beyond.

In John 4, Jesus spoke to a woman at a well. He offered her living water. If we seek peace, our resources are greater than we can imagine. Jesus' well is deep.

We draw from a common well. If the well becomes tainted, it can only be purified by truth and trust.