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leaf representing the Wisconsin Chapter of the Christian Educators FellowshipChristian Educators Fellowship is an association for both Christian education professionals and volunteers who meet for networking, resource sharing, spiritual nourishment, fellowship and support, and in turn, provide education and resources to all age groups, including children, youth, adult, and family ministries.

The Wisconsin Chapter of Christian Educators Fellowship strives to meet the needs of its membership by spiritually nurturing one another, helping members network for support and ideas, keeping members up to date on the latest information in our fields of interest and endeavors, and strengthening the role of Christian education in our churches for the betterment of all church attendees.

We are a diverse group brought together by the common goal of helping all people in our congregations develop their personal spiritual journeys so as to be faithful Disciples of Christ.

Very importantly, we acknowledge that we, as Christian educators, must continue to grow. One way is to meet as a group to expand our horizons in holy concert with our peers, through a variety of programs. We offer programs which provide:

  • Professional growth, information, opportunities, ways to do more with less, networking, idea and resource sharing
  • Resources for children, youth, and adults
  • Spiritual inspiration and devotional time
  • An opportunity to build friendships statewide
  • Varied and substantive programs with real "take-away" value
  • Connections to state and national conferences and other valuable resources

Our values include attention to God’s Movement in the world; Christian discipleship as a way of life; accessible, affordable, relevant peer learning; and nimble organization.

Our Vision is for leaders to be connected to one another and to God, to be energized for the work of faith formation, and to guided by Acts 2:42 – The believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, to the community, to their shared meals, and to their prayers. [CEB]

Our Mission is to develop leaders in faith formation to equip people of all ages to live as disciples of Jesus Christ.