Three Wisconsin United Methodist congregations in Wisconsin have a historically Native American ministry focus, namely Oneida, Odanah and Milwaukee. Through our connectional giving/apportionments, Wisconsin United Methodists help support the General Board of Discipleship, which, in turn, supports the Native American Comprehensive Plan. The Native American Comprehensive Plan seeks to equip United Methodist Native American ministries. Some of the ways this happens include:

  • Developing and supporting existing and new United Methodist Native American congregations, ministries, and fellowships
  • Developing new congregations, ministries and fellowships and enabling them to become a vital part of The United Methodist Church
  • Developing Native American leadership for service to The United Methodist Church
  • Affirming the value and strengthening the role of traditional, cultural and spiritual contributions of Native American people for the expression of Christian faith and faith development among the membership of The United Methodist Church
  • Offering the gifts of the Native American Community presence and participation at all levels of The United Methodist Church--in part by providing scholarships to attend United Methodist events with a focus on youth events
  • And, advocacy for inclusion of Native American United Methodists to serve at all levels of the church

All of these ministries and contributions are made possible by our continued faithful generosity.